10 Day Creative Challenge

June 21, 2021

Creative Circle Kerry is delighted to announce the 10 Day Creative Challenge, which encourages individuals to explore their thoughts and visions in response to the specific words provided. For every new day, a new word unlocked, a new piece imagined. We encourage all art forms and we ask you to use #cckhowdoesitfeel on any social media channel. Simple create a piece weather it be video, design, music anything that inspires you using one of our 10 words below each day and post it to our network or Instagram account with the hasgtag.

The challenge kicks off on Monday 21st June. Join us!  

The selected words are :

Empty  I  Vast  I  Neon  I  Shout  I  Dreams  I  Shine  I  New day  I  Exposed  I  Revolution  I  Breathe

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Community: https://community.creativecirclekerry.ie/feed


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